Docker Support and Maintenance

Docker support and maintenance: Manage and secure new applications with a broader container strategy

Running applications by using containers is gaining popularity in the IT world. Docker is the most talked about technologies of today and many organizations and developers are rapidly using it for good reasons. It is a popular tool that is designed to make it easier to develop, deploy and run various applications by using the containers and adding a layer of abstraction.

There are usually minor differences between the development environment and the release lifecycles, unless you maintain your own private repository environment where tight checks are placed. Docker helps to address these differences by ensuring a consistent environment inside isolated containers from development to deployment. The containers allow the developers to bundle the application with all its various parts like the libraries and other dependencies and then ship it as a single package.


How ibnus can help?

At ibnus, we help organizations to set up a local development environment using Docker. We help you to link each specific and individual application and supporting services into one unit and horizontally scale the individual services without the overhead of a virtual machine. Our technical experts help to implement those features and also manage the versions effectively.

  • 1.  Monitoring Docker containers: We help to monitor the containers, which is a challenge as they remain isolated and the applications are also dynamically allocated.
  • 2.  Determine bottlenecks in network traffic: We help to monitor the network traffic for any congestion of overload by tracking the bytes transferred and received and the number of dropped network packets.
  • 3.  Optimal capacity planning: We help you to understand the load of the container and make room for better deployments by analyzing the memory usage details.
  • 4.  Ensure uninterrupted running of containers: Our technical team helps you to dynamically configure the actions for any added containers by starting, stopping or restarting the execution for specific containers.

Business benefits of using Docker

There are many large companies like Paypal, Spotify and etc. that use Docker because of its top advantages.

Cost savings and higher ROI

The first advantage of using Docker is that it can drive the cost down and raise profits for companies that need to generate a steady revenue on a long term basis. It helps to facilitate this savings by reducing the infrastructure resources and helping to save on everything from server cost to the expert team needed to maintain them.

Faster start time

A Docker container can start within a few seconds because the container is simply an operating system process. Since it may be used in a wide variety of environments, infrastructure requirements are no longer linked with the application’s environment.

Higher productivity and standardization

Docker ensures consistency across release cycles, multiple development and the environment. Docker based architecture helps in standardization. This helps to reduce the time on defects and increase the time available for more feature development.

Multi cloud platforms

All the major cloud computing service providers like Google Compute Platform, Amazon web services, have embraced Docker because the containers can easily be ported between environments achieving similar functionality and consistency.

If you want to discuss if Docker can help your company to solve any challenges, then contact us and we will be happy to discuss your project!

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