Moodle Custom Solutions

Moodle custom solutions: Unique applications that meet your business expectations

To enhance online business in the competitive market, organizations are looking for unique and attractive designs.  And educational institutes are no exception as they too are looking for attractive and feature rich customized solutions that meet their unique business needs. Moodle LMS is a very powerful, feature rich and the most widely used learning management system that helps to make attractive and user friendly websites for the learners.

At ibnus, we are always striving hard to push the boundaries of what can be created with Moodle and let our customers stay abreast of the latest trends in e-learning.  Whether you are offering training to your new employees, updating your course or offering courses to your students of various subjects, our Moodle experts can help you create a customized education system for your organization.


Here are how customized Moodle solutions can contribute to the long term growth of your business

Our creative designing team has the expertise to deliver LMS theme designs that are functional, perfect and easy to use.  We can develop customized Moodle solutions that help educators create online courses that focus on interaction and collaboration of content and are synchronized with the workflow of your learning system.

With years of experience and having delivered effective solutions to our global clients, we are proud to say that we have successfully built bespoke Moodle designs, developed new plugins, customized existing themes according to the website and a lot more when it comes to custom solutions.

  • 1.   Ensures your website meets all your specific business needs
  • 2.   Gives your organization more flexibility
  • 3.   Offers better support with rich functional features
  • 4.   Facilitates efficient data processing
  • 5. Offers quicker and high quality results
  • 6. Saves both time and money

Our key custom Moodle services include

Custom website development

Our professional Moodle experts work together with you to understand your specific requirements and then develop a website that meets your exact business needs.

Theme development

We offer feature rich and robust theme development services to help you stand high in the competitive market by attracting potential customers to your website. We customize your theme logo, widgets, fonts, graphics and etc. according to your specific choice.

Plugin and extension development

We write tricky codes using Moodle and come out with a bunch of codes that create a functionality in the shape of a new plugin or extension. We also customize the existing plugin code that delivers the client what they exactly need.

API development

API is a programming logic for connecting your existing system to the external world. Our customized APIs allow seamless integration and offer the ability to generate business from any external sources easily.

Mobile app development

Our Moodle developers help you to experience the power of custom mobile applications that empower your organization and reach out to a wider market base with ease. We create smart mobile solutions that enhance collaboration and increase productivity.

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