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Security solutions: Protect your business today. Secure your tomorrow

Incorporating an effective and reliable security service for your online business is one of the biggest challenges that the IT world is facing. What is needed at this moment is the right expertise that can ensure end to end security of the data and the network. Since unprecedented amounts of data points are offering us great insights that drive better business decisions, drive exciting research, offer greater value to customers in varied ways, it is important for organizations to handle sensitive information securely.

With Ibnus, data integrity and network security comes to the forefront and our technical team evaluates your existing security services and suggests solutions that meet your budget and need. We help our clients create various engagement models and data security solutions to attain maximum protection against security breaches. Our big data encryption and tokenization solution is transparent to the end users and our encryption technique helps customers to take the advantage of analytics tools and draw extra value from the growing data stores.


How ibnus helps to protect your data and network security?

Our IT security solutions are developed by using cutting edge industry knowledge tools and products. We continually monitor your equipment and network to guard internet security threats, perform scheduled scans and also identify and remove security threats

Our penetration testing services include:

  • 1.  Risk validation: Our testing experts use a broad range of tools and techniques to attack the information security controls of your organization and understand the attack scenarios.
  • 2. Breach simulation: To face the impact, our testers will mimic an actual breach and identify the weak points, exploit the critical systems and exfiltrate data.
  • 3. Security control assessments: We evaluate various controls, procedures and technologies to identify the points of failure to assess the security efforts at a technical level.

Penetration Testing:
This test is an attempt to evaluate the safety of an IT infrastructure by identifying the loopholes that may exist in various applications, improper configurations, operating systems or risky end user behavior. Once the vulnerabilities are identified on a particular system, we attempt to use various resources to attain higher levels of security clearance.

Vulnerability Assessment:
These services are some tests performed on the system to recognize the vulnerability of the system that are exposed to the security experts, who quantify, prioritize and treat such vulnerabilities. The in-depth information helps to fix and improve the security of the network bot for individual devices and also as a whole.

Our Highlights:

Constant monitoring and alerts

Our VM solutions are paired with continuous monitoring and our teams are proactively alerted about any potential threats so that the problem can be handled before turning into breaches

Agent based detection

In addition to the scanners, our VM works with various tools that extends its network coverage to those assets and resources that can’t be scanned. We identify any vulnerabilities faster.

Comprehensive coverage and visibility

Our technical team continuously identifies and scans the vulnerabilities with greater accuracy and protects all your IT assets on premise at mobile endpoints and in the cloud

Ibnus offers a full suite of IT security solutions and if your business is in need of data and network security, then call us to make sure that your business is protected!

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